S01 : Ep. 13 : [Special] All things Education! with Jennifer King – Microsoft

[Special] All things Education! with Jennifer King – Microsoft

In this special episode; Jennifer (Director of Education) and I explore all things that relate to ‘EDUCATION’. What is the future of education at a global scale? What are the education disruptors with the current 4th industrial revolution? How can we integrate a growth mindset into the classrooms through empathy and Design Thinking - coupled with the right set of 21st century skill sets? How does Microsoft (the second company to achieve 1 trillion-dollar valuation) achieve this? How does technology impact such as AI (Artificial Intelligence) impact the future job market and education – this all-encompassing conversation will mark as the cornerstone of education in 2019.
Jennifer King is an award-winning, international thought leader in Education with 20 years of experience in the education sector from the classroom to corporations. She is passionate about the success of students and their teachers, working every day to ensure both are future-ready with the right skills. Jennifer was previously the Head of Film and Media at Strode’s College in Surrey, England before starting her own education consultancy. JKES was a Microsoft Education Partner with a focus on digital transformation, Project Based Learning, and teacher professional development. Jennifer is also the creator of the Student Teacher Education Program for Microsoft and chief script writer and strategist for the Microsoft Showcase Classroom in London. She moved to the US in 2017 to take on her current role as the Director of Education in the 21st Century Jobs, Skills, and Employability Team at Microsoft. She is also the President of Reel Grrls, an organization focused on helping young women create media and tell their stories through a feminist lens. She lives in Carnation, Washington with her husband and 3 daughters.