S04 : Ep. 21 : Flying Cars : The Future is Here, Featuring Jacky Yang

S04 : Ep. 21 : Flying Cars : The Future is Here, Featuring Jacky Yang


Drive? Fly? No problem! In this episode, we present the futuristic concept of flying cars, brought to life by an advanced manufacturer: Pegasus. To speak about this amazing feat, this episode features the Chief Technical Officer (CTO) of Pegasus, Jacky Yang. Jacky with his unique background of helicopter piloting and driving / mechanical experience in race car driving shares his experience and insight into what it takes behind the scenes to design and manufacture flying cars in Australia. He humbly shares the story behind the start-up, the challenges and the many skill sets, engineering disciplines, alongside design thinking, physics and material understanding that paves the way for a successful flying car designer. Jacky also shares the amazing combination of technologies that are behind the scenes to make flying cars a possibility and how AI integration will be a future milestone. It is said to become a trillion-dollar industry within the next few decades and is the perfect time to harness the power of flying!  Tune into this episode and gain the valuable insights into the combo of vehicle x aerospace sector.


About Speaker: Jacky Yang (LinkedIn)

​Australia's youngest microlight solo flight record holder (14 years old), civil helicopter license holder. 8 years Race car/ motorbike racing /Mechanical engineering experience. Specialization in system and composites engineering

A double major in politics and International Relations from the Australian National University (ANU).

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