S04 : Ep. 24 : Business Innovation & Quality Management Systems in Advanced Manufacturing featuring Kylie Warren

S04 : Ep. 24 : Business Innovation & Quality Management Systems in Advanced Manufacturing featuring Kylie Warren


In this episode, join Dr. Kylie Warren, a pioneering figure in Advanced Manufacturing (AM), for an in-depth discussion on the aspects that result in business innovation within an exciting industry. Explore the nuances between quality control, assurance, and management systems, and discover their diverse applications across stakeholders within AM. Kylie shares insights into the pivotal role of technology in driving advancements, showcasing cutting-edge tools and methodologies. Breaking stereotypes in a historically male-dominated field, Kylie highlights exciting career pathways for both genders in AM. She emphasises the crucial blend of hard and soft skills, including design thinking and STEAM education, essential for success in this evolving landscape. For students, graduates, and educators alike, Kylie offers invaluable advice drawn from her experience, guiding aspiring professionals and educational institutions toward preparing for the demands of this exciting industry. Tune in for a captivating conversation filled with industry insights, career guidance, and the evolving landscape of Advanced Manufacturing.


About Speaker: Dr. Kylie Warren – Click Here to Connect
Dr Kylie Warren has a passion for data, process and problem solving. Her interest in biological science led her to a undertake a Bachelor of Medical Science, then Honours degree and culminated in the completion of a PhD in HIV Molecular Virology. She transitioned her career from research to the manufacturing over 10 years ago and has enjoyed driving the development and implementation of Quality and Environmental Management Systems in a wide range of industries including biotechnology, cosmetics, veterinary, therapeutics, medical devices and most recently, electronics. She currently holds the position of Quality Manager at Elexon Electronics, a Moreton Bay-based innovation company that specialises in the design, development and manufacture of a diverse range of electronics products for niche local and export markets. Her recent career highlights include Elexon Electronics’ AS9100 Aerospace certification to meet the requirements of Aviation, Space & Defence Clients, in addition to multiple personal certifications in Agile project management, Prince 2 and Lean Six Sigma practices. 

Kylie, with her background as a scientist and a researcher, brings her expertise in data analysis, process optimisation, regulatory compliance, problem-solving. Elexon Electronics acknowledges and values Kylie's ability to bring a cross-industry perspective to the role. Kylie's experience in diverse industries, including biotechnology, cosmetics, therapeutics, and veterinary, provides her with a broad understanding of quality management practices across different sectors. This cross-industry knowledge enables her to bring innovative ideas and best practices from other fields into electronics manufacturing, fostering a culture of continuous improvement and innovation.

About Company: Elexon Electronics
Elexon Electronics is a 100% Australian-owned innovative engineering developer specialising in designing, developing and manufacturing a diverse range of high-tech electronics for industries such as mining, pathology, automotive, defence and aerospace.

Elexon’s engineers and designers participate in the most challenging and complex global projects by offering their unique expertise and state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment. Elexon Electronics has recently increased its capabilities and transformed into Industry 4.0 design and manufacturing house. All their products are designed, manufactured, and tested in-house, ensuring Elexon has ultimate control of custom builds, quality and lead times. Elexon complies with the aerospace quality requirements and holds AS9100D certification.

Elexon Electronics and its sisters Elexon MiningTPSTitley Scientific and Ambler Systems create the Elexon Group of Companies, a diverse group of businesses underpinned by technology and innovation, serving a myriad of business sectors.