As a leader in design thinking, education and entrepreneurship, Rashan is a thought leader in positioning business and education firmly into the future.

A strong believer in innovation driving the education sector to deliver real results for students to flourish in the 21st century workplace, Rashan also focuses in equipping small business with action orientated advice for growth.


Education & Design
Business & Design
Education & Design
Business & Design

Are you a designer or architect seeking advice on the education sector? Or you are a teacher or educator at a Secondary or Tertiary level. Rashan consults on a range of topics including:

Designing Flexible Learning Environments
The ever changing, geo specific flexible learning environments for a successful 21st century education

Innovation Facilitation Spaces
The specific needs and requirements of design thinking and innovation facilitation spaces

Industry 4.0 Learning Systems
Making sure the students you design buildings for can benefit from Industry 4.0 ready - learning systems

21st Century Skills, Learning and Teaching
Teaching is no longer what it used to be! Understand exactly how to teach to future proof your students in the 21st century. Rashan uses Design Thinking techniques combined with the Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs to engage students without a cultural bias.

Emerging Technologies
Understand the latest technologies within the industry and how it affects the classroom and education sector today.

Are you a small business owner or an entrepreneur? Starting and growing a business can be a tough and complex process. Rashan can help you build, grow and enhance your reputation, brand and sales to shortcut your way to a profitable, successful and sustainable business. Rashan consults on:

Design Thinking, Service Design and Business Design
Using evidence-based Design Thinking techniques, understand how you can innovate in your business and service design.

Personal Branding
To position yourself as a thought leader in your industry, your personal brand, field of expertise and values need to be razor sharp

Building an Online Presence for Business Growth
Creating a strong online footprint to help future clients find you and grow your brand and company

(On + Offline) Marketing
Your business can only be successful if your clients know who you are and all about the great products/services you offer. Rashan can set up your SEO (Search engine optimisation) to help your business to stand out online and can strategies with you on business and consumer marketing tips.

Strategic Business Development
It doesn’t always need to be hard! Learn how to create strategic partnerships, leverage existing relationships and grow your sales

Design and Innovation
Learn to stay ahead of the game with help in optimising the design of your business model and services

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