Educate. Empower. Inspire.

Inspired Education Australia (IEA) in partnership with Frontier Projects aims to facilitate the realisation of SDG Goal #4.

‘Knowledge(Share)’ or ‘K(Share)®’ program is designed to sponsor, improve, develop and facilitate the education of the children in need in Bouvier School, Haiti.

1 x workshop = 1 x child sponsored
Every inspired workshop delivered to schools within Australia, IEA will donate and sponsor 1 x child’s education and wellbeing for an entire year at Bouvier School, Haiti.

NSW incorporated association number: INC9897088. Frontier Projects Inc is not a religious Charity. Click the ‘ACNC’ button to find out more details with the Australian Charities and Non-for-profits Commision (ACNC)

FRONTIER PROJECTS INC. is a community of volunteers, registered as an Australian- based DRG charity that seeks to meet the needs and relieve the vulnerability to suffering, illness, poverty and helplessness of children and families in our nation and the nations of Haiti, New Britain, Thailand. We establish relationships with leaders or NGO's in nations with vulnerable communities and work together with them to bring lasting and sustainable change.

We work with and serve people without regard to faith, race, religion, gender, sex or socio-economic position.

Education enables upward socioeconomic mobility and is a key to escaping poverty. Over the past decade, major progress was made towards increasing access to education and school enrollment rates at all levels, particularly for girls. Nevertheless, about 260 million children were still out of school in 2018 — nearly one fifth of the global population in that age group. And more than half of all children and adolescents worldwide are not meeting minimum proficiency standards in reading and mathematics.
The Global Shapers Gold Coast are proud to support the K(Share) initiative which works towards achieving SDG 4 - Quality Education. With various global crises, never before have we seen so many children being out of school at the same time, disrupting learning and upending lives, especially the most vulnerable and marginalised. This initiative is a great example of how students and schools in Australia can be an active part of sponsoring, improving and developing resources and access to quality education in countries such as Haiti.

The sponsored donation of $150 following each workshop delivery, gives a child education for a YEAR in a safe local school, clean drinking water, 2 hot meals a week + hot meal & gift for Christmas!

When IEA sponsors a student:

  • Children are sponsored at their safe, community school on Bouvier Mountain
  • They are fully educated by experienced and caring Haitian teachers
  • Children drink clean water and are fed a hot meal 2 days a week
  • Your Sponsorship funds are pooled and this ensures that Bouvier School continues
  • Your child receives a Christmas meal and a simple gift from you
  • You receive six-monthly updates on your child and FP news
  • You can also communicate, write to them whenever you wish
  • We receive six-monthly updates on your child and FP news and can be shared with you at your request