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Rashan is changing education in not only the design industry, but also in the transition of students from secondary to tertiary education. He is the founder and CEO of Australia’s leading professional development in 21st century education institute - Inspired Education Australia.

In addition to this, Rashan is also the Founder and Design Director for Inspired Design Australia, servicing and helping other entrepreneurs, start-ups and small businesses with ‘Design for Business’.

Rashan was born in Sri Lanka and migrated to Australia when he was 10 years old. During his secondary education, Rashan was set and taking steps to become a registered Architect. He graduated in (Design) Architecture with first class honours from the Queensland University of Technology (QUT) in 2011 and completed his Master in Architecture in the top 10 of his year level in 2012. However, shortly after Rashan’s career changed when he left conventional practice to pursue his various business ventures.

Since then, Rashan has developed a reputation for his entrepreneurial thinking and leading a variety of projects in a wide variety of fields and industries. He is now known an author, an international public speaker who has delivered widely received content to universities around Australia as well as many conference seminars, keynotes, lectures and much more. He has been features on a variety podcast shows as well as been published in various design journals in Australia. Rashan’s podcast ‘Inspiring Design with Rashan Senanayake’ is now a top 200 education podcast in the world as well as known as the no. 1 design education podcast for the 21st century in 2019.

In addition to this, Rashan is also an academic delivering tutorials and lectures in Design, Design Thinking and Architecture at QUT. He is also an Associate Fellow recognised by the High Education Academy as well as a Global Shaper for the World Economic Forum (WEF) and was the youngest board member of the Australian Green Development Forum (AGDF) previously.

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At the end of the day It's not about what you have or even what you've accomplished... it's about who you've lifted up,
who you've made better...

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In addition to his entreprenuerial ventures, Rashan is an advocate of giving back to the community. As Denzel Washington once eloquently said “...it’s about what you’ve given back!”. His involvement in the Australian Green Development Forum (AGDF) as the youngest board member has allowed him to make a difference in the Australian Building & Construction industry with a focus on sustainability. For the first three years his involvement in organising monthly CPD events for architects, designers and other AEC professionals, centred around sustainable activity in Brisbane was a great source of knowledge. He has know transitioned to assist the AGDF with a more design and technology focus.

Looking at his cultural community, Rashan is consistently giving back to his Sri Lankan culture and background through his heavy involvement in the Old Anandian’s Association of Queensland Inc. (OAAQ). His work stems from his gratittude towards the first college he attended - Ananda College in Colombo, Sri Lanka. Being one of the youngest management committee members, Rashan parttakes a variety of projects and activities through each year.

There have been number of projects such as Charity Walks where funds were raised to purchase various hospital equipment, flood victims in Sri Lanka and school supplies for Ananda College as well as other ventures. All while enjoying leading the Ananda College QLD Cricket team to multiple victories in local competitions.

In addition to these types of activities, Rashan is a sought after mentor and teacher at a tertiary level. He gives back to the student community outside of the university by utilising his network and knowledge by organising monthly events, connecting the industry and sharing opportunities with the growing student population.

This is why giving back to the community has become a corner stone in Rashan’s career.