S04 : Ep. 20 : AI x Creativity – Measuring the Unmeasurable Featuring Paul Browning

S04 : Ep. 20 : AI x Creativity – Measuring the Unmeasurable Featuring Paul Browning

AI – the leading technological development in 2023. In this episode, we dive deep into the topic of AI and its impact on education with one of the leading Principals in the field, Dr. Paul Browning – Headmaster of St. Paul’s School, Brisbane. We start off by discussing the age-old question: Should we fear AI or embrace it? Pauls shares his insights on this topic and explains how AI is the future and has the capabilities to revolutionise education in the coming years – as it should! Expanding on this, Paul shares his thoughts on how AI can transform the way students learn and how educators need to teach, especially in preparing our students for the future world. Coming to main focus to creative thinking, Paul shares an insightful answer to the question, "Can you actually measure it?", he introduces us to the concept of "Realms of Thinking" and discusses how measuring the unmeasurable is possible with the help of AI, across any curriculum, while being able to measure it in an amazing way. Tune in to this episode and join us as we explore the exciting world of AI, creativity, design thinking, creativity and future of education with Dr. Paul Browning.

About Paul Browning

Dr Paul Browning is the Headmaster of St Paul’s School in Brisbane. He has been a school principal for over 24 years, having led two large independent schools, one in the ACT and St Paul’s School. Dr Browning’s PhD was in leadership, specifically in cultures of trust that enable innovation and organisational improvement.  In 2018, Dr Browning was named the School Principal of the Year (non-government) at the Australian Education Awards. In 2019, St Paul’s School was named as the Australian School of the Year.

About St. Paul’s School

St Paul’s School is a co-educational Anglican school with students from Pre-Prep to Year 12. The School is located in Brisbane’s north and has a reputation as one of the most innovative schools in the world. The School’s Principal is Dr Paul Browning. St Paul’s School has created a bespoke teaching and learning program called Realms of Thinking and a bespoke student wellbeing program called Ways of Being. Both frameworks are unique to St Paul’s School and have been transformative in their effects.

About Realms of Thinking – Learn More

Realms of Thinking can help schools and businesses grow into a thriving hub of creativity and innovation.

Realms of Thinking transforms the professional practice of educators and grows the capacity of every student to think creatively.

Realms of Thinking is playing a vital role in influencing the broader education landscape of Australia. It is doing this by challenging many of the preconceived norms associated with education through the preferencing of creativity, innovation, imagination and future-oriented thinking.

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