S04 : Ep. 17 : Drones Technology with a purpose and how it relates to Education featuring Rob Sutton

S04 : Ep. 17 : Drones Technology with a purpose and how it relates to Education featuring Rob Sutton

One word – Drones. As Bill Gates once said, “Drones overall will be more impactful than I think people recognize in positive ways to help society.” To lead the way, this video episode features Rob Sutton – The founder and CEO of the record-breaking Drones and AI consultancy: Mirragin Consultancy. Learning from his unique background in the Australian Defence, Rob shares his passion and drive for utilising Drone Technology to do good, to save lives, improve organisational capabilities and not to mention designing world class light shows over Sydney Harbour to a global audience! This episode, being recorded live at the World Drones and Robotics Congress, Rob shares insights (such as the Air Taxis being deployed in the near future) and what technologies, mindsets, thinking patterns, knowledge attributes and skill sets required lead the way in the drones’ sector. He goes on to share the existing career pathways possible and how to enter the industry with constant insights into the amazing world of drones, alongside resources to learn more. Tune into this video episode and learn more about one of the cornerstone 21st century technologies in the modern world.


About the Guest: Rob Sutton (Founder of Mirragin Consulting)

Having served with the Australian Army’s premier drone unit, the 20th Surveillance and Target Acquisition Regiment, Rob has seen first-hand the power of drone technology as a force for good. Throughout his career in the army and broader defence industry, and then in private enterprise, Rob witnessed many organisations try and fail to implement drone technology successfully. Rob recognised that those failed projects had much in common – a mismatch between problem, technology selection, and capability; poorly defined project outcomes; or simply a lack of understanding as to how the technology integrated into the broader business plan.

Armed with that insight, and passionate about the power of drone technology to save lives and improve organisational capability, particularly where dull, dirty, and dangerous tasks are involved, Rob created Mirragin to help organisations overcome those pitfalls and gain a new line of sight using drone technology.

Rob now enjoys helping defence, emergency services, and commercial organisations implement drone technology to improve safety, increase productivity, reduce costs, and succeed safely.

Rob’s professional certifications include:

  • Fellow (FIEAust) and Chartered Professional Engineer (CPEng) of The Institution of Engineers, Australia, and Registered Professional Engineer of Queensland (RPEQ).
  • National Engineering Register (NER) certifications: Aerospace Engineering, , Leadership and Management.
  • Australian Institute of Project Management, Registered Project Manager (RegPM) and Certified Practicing Project Director (CPPD).

About Mirragin Consulting  – Visit Website

We’re determined to make a difference through drones and how we do that is heavily influenced by our community initiatives.

At Mirragin, we’re proud to support Soldier On, a service that enables veterans and their families to thrive. Soldier On has provided support to veterans and their families, including those who have served and continue to serve in the Australian Defence Force.

As a Soldier On Gold Pledge Partner, we are truly committed to providing veteran-supportive recruitment, training and workplace culture.

In 2021, Mirragin were also proud to be nominated as an industry champion finalist by the Australian Association Uncrewed Systems (AAUS), for championing sovereign capability on behalf of the unmanned system industry in Australia.

When you choose to work with Mirragin, you’re choosing to work with an organisation truly committed to making a difference to the community with a new line of sight.