S04 : Ep. 9 : Artificial Intelligence & BigData with Rahul Kota & Matthew Lakis

S04 : Ep. 9 : Artificial Intelligence & BigData with Rahul Kota & Matthew Lakis

2 x defining technologies that underpin almost everything we do today - Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Big Data. This episode features two bright young minds - Rahul Kota (Data Scientist) and Matthew Lakis (Mechatronics Engineer) from Athena AI. Both working with the utilisation of AI and integration of big data in a variety of fields. This tech talk features Rahul and Matthew both unveiling detailed and technical responses to questions such as “What exactly is AI & BigDATA? What are the capabilities of this technology? How have these technologies evolved and what to expect in the future? How does this play a role in automation and the evolution of humans - the future of work, the future of education? What are the new emerging careers that come with integration of these technologies? This was only the beginning! This must-listen episode then takes a humble turn when Rahul and Mathew go on to share their experiences, insights and advice for students/graduates as well as for educational institutions and professionals on the do’s and don’ts of harnessing the power and working with AI & Big Data. The future is here, tune in now!

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About Athena AI
Athena AI provides military forces with unmatched decision support capability utilising state of the art AI vision toolbox, geospatial AI for terrain analysis, advanced effects modelling and integrated Rules of Engagement (ROE) considerations.  Athena AI is one of the only vision-based AI systems on the market that combines AI computer vision, AI enabled decision support and display of the AI information in an optimised user interface to enhance decision speed and accuracy without preventing biases.

Rahul Kota
Rahul is a Data Scientist at Athena AI who strives to bring the cutting-edge advancements in computer vision to Athena's vision platform. Graduating a degree in Electrical and Biomedical Engineering at the University of Queensland, he first started working in research at the intersection of deep learning and medical imaging and now focuses on more broad applications of computer vision such as object detection. He has a keen interest in seeing how the wonders of deep learning will mould the near future. In his spare time he enjoys noodling around on the guitar and lifting weights.

Matthew Lakis
Matthew Lakis is a Mechatronics Engineer at the ambitious start up Athena AI. He specialises in simulation, and virtualisation, and is currently leading the Geospatial AI product. Although early in his career, Matthew worked in advanced engineering as an undergraduate from 2018 – 2020, focussing on computer vision, mathematical programming, and digital twins.

As a Masters student he researched the use of photogrammetry to model the interior of explosive ordnance giving him a strong foundation in computer vision and spatial modelling. At Athena AI, his largest body of work has been the creation of the Geospatial AI application.

This involved building a vegetation classifier for satellite imagery and building a 3D user interface for visualising and manipulating the geospatial data. Matthew has also constructed Athena AI’s synthetic data generation capability which greatly improves the company’s ability to rollout improvements to their neural network models.