S04 : Ep. 10 : Mining & Exploration in the 21st Century with Kate Dickson

S04 : Ep. 10 : Mining & Exploration in the 21st Century with Kate Dickson

Anything and everything in the built environment and human civilisation have stemmed from mining & exploration of the earth and its natural resources. An essential, exciting and a fast-evolving industry and to lead this topic this episode features of the best experts in the mining and exploration industry - Kate Dickson (QLD Director of AMEC). Kate breaks down detailed responses to crucial learning areas all stemming from her interest in geological sciences evolving into leading the industry and its advisory & direction. Kate unveils answers to questions such as “what is the mining industry in the 21st century?”; “How technologies are driving mining and exploration with automation, AI, robotics integration?”; “What core skills are required to succeed in this industry now, and in the future?”. This is just the start! Tune into the episode to understand the direction of one of the largest industries and exciting future opportunities stemming into space exploration and mining… out of this world! The future is already here, tune in now!

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About Association of Mining and Exploration Companies (AMEC)

The Association of Mining and Exploration Companies (AMEC) is a national association representing over 400 member companies from all around Australia.

Our members are explorers, emerging miners, producers and a wide range of businesses and service providers working in and for our industry. We work to reduce the cost of doing business, reduce regulatory obstacles, and to support an increase in exploration, discovery and mining opportunities in Australia.

With the largest and most diverse membership in the resource industry, we have proven influence and credibility to create positive change for our industry.

About Kate Dickson

With a strong mining and business background in stakeholder engagement, strategy and advocacy, Kate brings a wealth of experience and energy to AMEC. As the Director for Queensland, Kate works with stakeholders to deliver the best outcomes for AMEC members and the resources industry in Queensland. Prior to Joining AMEC Kate worked for State Government and ASX listed resource companies across a number of different projects. Kate has a proven record of achievement working in both the public and private sectors.