S01 : Ep. 18 : Building Design – The underdog of the design industry with Ryan Grose – MR

Building Design – The underdog of the design industry with Ryan Grose – MR

In this episode, Ryan Grose (Founding Partner and Director at MR Designs) and I discuss the details of the ‘Building Design’ industry. We unpack detailed answers to questions such as – What is Building Design? How does it differ from Architecture? What is the difference between a Building Designer and an Architect? What is the formal process to practice as a Building Design in Australia? What skills do you need to succeed? How do you employ Design Thinking within the design process? How does the technology changes such as VR/AR and Artificial Intelligence affect the future of this under-rated industry? A highly detailed discussion on an important industry – one that directly affects our human scale!

Ryan is a founding partner of MR Designs & Drafting and brings more than 13 years’ experience to the team. Ryan has worked in established design firms across all project types, but specialises in townhouses and multiple dwellings, new home designs and Queenslander renovations, bringing his distinct flair to every project.

Design was always an interest for Ryan, which developed into a passion and profession – a natural progression and a perfect fit to pursue architecture as a career. Ryan loves the idea that he can create spaces or designs that would be enjoyed by somebody or a family for decades. He is continually inspired by the evolution of the industry that allows designers to create beautiful pieces of liveable art, where one is only limited by their creativity. Outside of work you’ll find Ryan trying out a new restaurant, travelling and sometimes, renovating his own place.