S01 : Ep. 02 : 21st Century Learning And Its Impact En Education with Russell Lidgard – 21st Century Learning HOD at Kawana Waters State College

Impact Of Technology In The Classroom Today & Why Facilitation Is More Important Than Ever Before! with Corey Giesken - Design HOD at Ferny Grove State High School

In this episode we unlock the genius behind a forward thinking 21st Century Learning HOD with implementation techniques that are slightly unconventional, but the results are incredible! In an evolving education system, this is the way of the future - specially in the design industry.

Russell is the 21st Century Learning HOD at Kawana Waters State College. He is an experienced Teacher with a demonstrated history of working in the government administration and industry. Skilled in Coaching, Secondary Education, Classroom Management, Communication, and Lesson Planning. Strong education professional with a Graduate Diploma of Teaching focused in Secondary Education and Teaching from Central Queensland University.