S05 : Ep. 02 : Cybersecurity: Why Ignorance is no longer bliss featuring Brenden Newell & Adam Jacobs

S05 : Ep. 02 : Cybersecurity: Why Ignorance is no longer bliss featuring Brendan Newell & Adam Jacobs

In this episode inspiring emerging technologies, join Brendan Newell, General Manager of Cyberpathways, and Adam Jacobs, Managing Director and CEO of EdTechGroup, as they explore the crucial topic of cybersecurity. Covering the basics, Brendan and Adam define cybersecurity and its global importance, with a focus on Australia's unique challenges. Alongside our host, Rashan Senanayake, they delve into the technology behind cybersecurity, discussing its evolution over the past decade and speculating on its future trajectory. Both Brendan and Adam emphasise the essential hard and soft skills needed to succeed in cybersecurity, highlighting the role of creative and critical thinking and amazing strategies and stories related to the Cyber world! Offering valuable advice, Brendan and Adam share insights for students, graduates, professionals, and businesses interested in cybersecurity. Tune in for an engaging discussion packed with industry insights and practical guidance on navigating the dynamic field of cybersecurity. Huge thanks to our sponsors: CyberPathways & EdTech Group, filmed at Brisbane Grammar School, STEAM Precinct.


About Speaker: Brendan Newell (General Manager of CyberPathways) – Click Here to Connect

Brendan Newell is an experienced educator and dynamic education and training professional who has been responsible for leading a number of learning teams and development programs spanning several technical domains (electrical engineering, computing, integrated logistics, battlespace management and program management). Brendan has worked in large international companies, building upon a diverse array of work in educational contexts, nationally and internationally in local and federal government and private education institutions. He excels in develop of strategic initiatives and applying his project management skills during the execution of such programs. He enjoys working with education and learning professionals and helping them tackle challenging situations by assisting them in developing strategies and skills to help them achieve their desired outcomes.

About Speaker: Adam Jacobs (Managing Director & CEO of EdTech Group) – Click Here to Connect

Adam is the Managing Director and CEO of the EdTech Group, a national education and training organisation specialising in digital technologies education. Together, the EdTech Group’s industry-leading brands, Junior Engineers, Audiri, and Cyber Pathways, deliver world-class digital technologies education, school communications software and cyber security education to support educational institutions, corporate organisations, parents and students.

Prior to joining the EdTech Group, Adam was the CEO of The Australian Institute of Personal Trainers, Australia’s leading Registered Training Organisation (RTO) specialising in the delivery of health and wellness, nutrition, and fitness qualifications across a network of 110 campuses nationwide.

Adam’s background is in corporate finance, having worked for a Sydney-based corporate advisory house, specialising in medium and smaller corporates, divisions of major corporations, private families and high net worth individuals. Adam worked across a number of national and international transactions including mergers and acquisitions, strategic advice, IPO’s, capital raisings, valuations, underwritings, financial structuring, corporate restructures, governance and risk management.

About the CyberPathways – Click Here

CyberPathways is a leading Australian specialist Cyber Security training provider, which designs and develops tailored cyber training solutions for Australian schools and workforces.

CyberPathways focuses on human and behavioural cyber security fortification, using our Cyber Security Protection Framework to protect every angle of your business or school. Our training suite provides a range of solutions which foster organisation-wide cyber awareness; deliver structured upskilling programs for cyber security professionals and job seekers; and technical training to protect critical assets and infrastructure. CyberPathways also offers alert and monitoring support, design and build of monitoring and training facilities and certification consultations for ISO27001 and Essential8 Frameworks. 

About the EdTech GroupClick Here

EdTech Group is an Australian education and training organisation, specialising in the design and development of leading tech education for future tech leaders. Together, our industry-leading brands CyberPathways, Junior Engineers, CODEFLIX, and Audiri deliver world-class digital technologies education, school communication tools, and Cyber Security education to support parents and children, educational institutions and corporate organisations.


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