S04 : Ep. 2 : Advanced Manufacturing Gateway to Industry Schools Program with Jules McMurtrie

S04 : Ep. 2 : Advanced Manufacturing Gateway to Industry Schools Program with Jules McMurtrie

On the back of a global outlook, Jules (Manager of QMI’s Gateway to Industry Schools Program (GISP) – Advanced Manufacturing) and I deep dive into the world of Advanced Manufacturing and how it works within schools and industry – interconnectedly. Jules skilfully breaks down detailed responses to questions such as what key skills and attributes are required within advanced manufacturing? How does this play a role in 21st century schools and education? How can it be integrated alongside the required skills? Advice for students as well as advice for schools and teachers. She expands on this information by outlining how QMI (Queensland Manufacturing Institute) as well as the Advanced Manufacturing GISP helps facilitate this transition from the education sector, through to the industry. Tune into this video episode and learn all the details required to succeed within the advanced manufacturing industries within Queensland, Australia.

Jules has spent her career finding the sweet spot of collaboration and communication, to deliver innovative solutions for human capital, social and economic development. For the past 7 years Jules has used these authentic talents to bridge the gap between schools and industry, through the Gateway to Industry Schools Programs, first for Food, Wine and Tourism, and now for Advanced Manufacturing. Jules is addicted to outcomes.

The Advanced Manufacturing GISP is proudly hosted by Queensland Manufacturing Institute (QMI). QMI is a not-for-profit, non-membership based organisation run by manufacturing industry experts. For over 30 years they’ve been diffusing technology to industry, for example QMI bought the first 3D printer to Australia 25 years ago.

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