S04 : Ep. 15 : Industrial Design – One of the most integrated and versatile design careers with Tim Williams and Andrew Peterson

S04 : Ep. 15 : Industrial Design - One of the most integrated and versatile design careers with Tim Williams and Andrew Peterson


“Design isn't just what it looks like and feels like — design is how it works.” Steve Jobs (Founder of Apple Inc.). In an essence, this is what ‘Industrial design’ is all about and hence one of the most versatile and integrated design careers in the modern world. The experts on this episode – Tim Williams & Andrew Peterson (Industrial Designers and Senior Lecturers of Industrial Design) shares practical and contemporary details of this exciting sector. Tim and Andrew speak passionately about how industrial has been shaped by technology, its evolution and the amazing career paths available as an Industrial Designer. Ideation developed from sketching, through to CAD and now the integration of designing in Virtual Reality (VR), the speakers share their expert opinion on the progression of mass customisation within Industry 5.0, alongside additive manufacturing. Both the experts identify the key skills required to succeed as an Industrial Designer and valuable advice applicable to students, teachers, and educators as well as any aspiring designer. Tune into this episode to learn more about this exciting industry that Steve Jobs himself dubbed as “one of the coolest careers” in history.


About Tim Williams

Dr Tim Williams is a Senior Lecturer in Industrial Design at QUT.

With extensive professional experience in design leadership roles before joining QUT, Tim understands the value of bringing industry and academia together. This is reflected in his expertise in experiential learning, connecting students to the Industrial Design profession through authentic learning experiences such as study tours and industry projects.

His PhD focused on developing a methodology to design products as part of a complex ecosystem. His specialisations are in Computer-Aided Design (CAD), 3D printing, Transportation Design and Design for Manufacture (DFM).

E: tim.williams@qut.edu.au

About Andrew Peterson

Andrew Peterson is a practising industrial designer and educator. Following six years of working at one of Brisbane’s premier design studios, PROdesign Australia, he established and has run his own consultancy, INSPIR3D, and is now moving into more entrepreneurial endeavours. He has also been heavily involved as a lecturer and sessional academic across most of QUT’s Industrial Design program since 2014 and also has involvement in ongoing research projects. Andrew is passionate about integrating the latest and emerging technologies into design workflows and creating human centred products that can make a real difference.

Over the last two decades since graduating from QUT, he has lost track of how many students he has had the pleasure of teaching, and has designed a wide range of unique, award winning, and patented products including; brain wave fatigue monitoring baseball caps, scalpel blade removers, water tanks, fall safety equipment, through to underwater pogo sticks, and jewellery, utilising a range of manufacturing processes for clients ranging from back-yard inventors through to multi-national corporations.

E: a.peterson@qut.edu.au