S04 : Ep. 14 : Science + Design + Technology + Manufacturing = 21st Century Orthotics Industry with Dean Hartley

S04 : Ep. 14 : Science + Design + Technology + Manufacturing = 21st Century Orthotics Industry with Dean Hartley


Combining the best of science, design and manufacturing, the Orthotics industry has been transformed with the integration of 21st century technologies such as CAD, SMART device scans, 3D printing etc. A leading expert in this industry, Dean Hartley (Chief Technical Officer of iOrthotics) shares his humble beginnings transitioning from conventional podiatric practice and effectively integrating the use of industry 4.0 technologies to lead the market in orthotics manufacturing. Working with leading brands such as MyFootDr and now diversifying their services, Dean shares his knowledge and experience in this rich industry – unveiling insights on where this industry is headed, the skills required to succeed, exactly how technology has transformed what they do to achieve amazing feats as well as the various career paths available in the 21st century. Dean, as one of the brightest minds in this industry, goes on to share his valuable advice for teachers, schools & universities as well as students interested in exploring this as a career possibility. Tune into this episode to learn more about how science, design, technology and manufacturing meets to create life changing outcomes in this exciting sector.

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About Dean Hartley

Dean Hartley (Brisbane, Australia) is a Podiatrist of 15 years and a founder of iOrthotics and now ASX listed Healthia. Dean overseas the technology direction of Healthia in his role as CTO and also guides the R&D direction of iOrthotics and Healthia through the newly formed Healthia R&D Hub.

Over the course of 7 years, Dean worked with University of Queensland (School of Engineering), HP and My FootDr to validate the replacement of polypropylene with other 3D printed polymers to produce custom orthotics. iOrthotics was a global leader in replacing pressed and milled polypropylene custom foot orthotics with 3D printed devices. More recently, iOrthotics was successful in receiving a $2.04mil Australian Federal Government Grant (CRC-P) for research into the manufacturing and use of smart orthotics. iOrthotics is now powered by an in-house developed Quality Management System which has facilitated ISO9001 and ISO13485 accreditation across its manufacturing processes. Dean is passionate in digitising the orthotic workflow and implementing automation into orthotic manufacturing to improve quality and reduce lead times.

About iOrthotics

Established in 2009 in Mackay, Queensland, iOrthotics has developed into Australia’s premier destination for custom made orthotic devices for podiatrists. We pride ourselves on creating orthotic solutions that make life easier for you, your patients and your clinic. All of our orthotics are designed with your patients in mind and are fully custom designed to their feet. Plus, we ensure all orders are manufactured and sent out within 3-5 working days.

As podiatrists, you need to trust the orthotic device you provide your patients. At iOrthotics, we use quality materials, leading technologies and superior manufacturing techniques to create an orthotics device that will provide your patient with the support that they need.

Orthotics are custom-made foot supports tailored specifically to fit your feet. Your podiatrist will take a 3D foot scan or plaster cast of your feet to capture the exact shape of your feet. The foot scan, along with your orthotic prescription, are sent to iOrthotics to make your custom-made devices.

iOrthotics currently 3D prints over 100,000 custom made parts annually through iOrthotics (Brisbane, Australia) and iOrthotics USA (New York, USA).