S04 : Ep. 12 : Renewable energies – the future of the energy sector with Vivienne Roberts

S04 : Ep. 12 : Renewable energies – the future of the energy sector with Vivienne Roberts

One of the most crucial elements towards the sustainable future of our planet is clean and renewable energy productions & consumption practices. Climate change, life on land, life below water and many other natural ecosystems heavily depend on the production and consumption of energy. The solution lies within a fully integrated life cycle approach with renewable energies. Vivienne Roberts (Founder of Energy Ramblings) details crucial discussion points and sheds light on this industry. The essential requirement of design thinking, empathy alongside STEaM skills, creative problem solving alongside the renewable energy design implication and its ripple effects towards the future. This is just the start! Vivienne’s goes on to share her experience and directly integrate the various career paths and technologies integrated towards the evolution of this crucial industry within the current context of industry 4.0. Tune in for the latest on renewable energies and understanding how to enter and success within this growing sector!

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Energy Ramblings Publication: https://energyramblings.com/

About Vivienne Roberts

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/viviroberts/

Vivienne is a mechanical engineer, and project manager and she is the founder of an online energy publication, Energy Ramblings. Her day job involves heading up a renewable energy development team in Queensland, and she has previously worked in various consulting capacities on some of Australia and South Africa’s largest utility-scale renewable energy projects. She has been involved in project development, construction, commissioning and operation. She has also worked with local governments in South Africa, on energy and climate change related projects and programmes.

About Energy Ramblings

Energy Ramblings is an online publication, founded by Vivienne Roberts in 2010, which shares news and information on the clean energy sector. Energy Ramblings was initially started as a way of gaining a better understanding of energy, and sharing this newly gained knowledge with others who may be interested. The content ranges from an exploration into regional electricity and energy pictures, musings on energy trends and more specific project, contract and construction management principles and lessons learned.