S03 : Ep. 23 : Esports in 21st Century Education with Dan Martinez

S03 : Ep. 23 : Esports in 21st Century Education with Dan Martinez

Esports: A look at a fun, explosive & billion-dollar industry! Dan Martinez (Founder of The Fuse Cup) and I break down the world of competitive video gaming as a fast-growing international phenomenon with millions of fans – especially in the context of 21st century education. Streaming services and live events have turned casual gamers into serious stars – athletes - who can sometimes rake in seven-figure earnings and massive brand endorsements. Dan, as an esports, expert humbly unveils answers to questions such as, what is esports? What are the basic principles of esports? What are the skills required to succeed? How can it be incorporated in to 21st century education? Daniel tops it off with valuable advice for educators as well as students on exactly how to get into this trend of esports. Tune in this new-age conversation and all the fun involved in esports.

Dan Aivaliotis-Martinez is an Apple Distinguished Educator, Microsoft Innovative Educator and an experienced leader of innovation and learning in large scale independent schools. Dan’s passion now lies in using esports as a mechanism for developing positive gaming habits and the digital wellbeing of younger gamers. This mission is being achieved through his latest venture, The FUSE Cup – an international school esports competition throughout the Asia Pacific region.

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