S03 : Ep. 11 : The Impact of Artificial Intelligence within the AEC with Alex Ferguson

S03 : Ep. 11 : The Impact of Artificial Intelligence within the AEC with Alex Ferguson

Artificial Intelligence (AI). An industry 4.0 technology that is disrupting almost every industry around the planet. Alex Ferguson (Redd Digital) aerospace engineer and project manager shares valuable insights into the impacts of AI within the AEC (Australia Engineering and Construction industry). We uncover detailed responses to questions such as – What is AI? What is its role within the AEC within the next 5-years? 10-years? 20-years? How does this disrupt and evolve the various roles of an Engineer? Designer? Architect? Builder? Project Manager? What can AEC professionals do right now to adapt and stay ahead of the game? What can schools and universities to do prepare the future job force? As well as the relevance of STEM knowledge. This was topped was beautifully framed advice for students and graduates in working towards industry 4.0. Tune into find out how concepts in MARVEL movies are now a reality within the AEC!

Alex is a degree qualified aerospace engineer with an executive MBA from the Australian Graduate School of Management. He is passionate about technology and enjoys helping people and organisations implement business-improving solutions. As a Registered Project Manager (MAIPM, CPPM) he has experience across a broad range of infrastructure, buildings and mission critical systems with experience delivering Data Intelligence including Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence solutions for small to medium enterprise.Social Media:
Instagram/Twitter: @betterfortoday
LinkedIn:Alex Ferguson