S03 : Ep. 02 : Graphisoft – ArchiCAD, Rhino, Grasshopper, Bluebeam in the AEC with Michael Warr – Central Innovations

S03 : Ep. 02 : Graphisoft – ArchiCAD, Rhino, Grasshopper, Bluebeam in the AEC with Michael Warr – Central Innovations

In this episode, Michael Warr (Product Manager Aus/NZ) and I unpack all the BIM/CAD and technical details of one of the biggest technology companies in the design and construction industries – Graphisoft. We were able to unpack the latest information and answer questions such as – Who is Graphisoft? What are the company capabilities including BIM Authoring, as a design tool? Details and understanding the capabilities of powerful software packages such as ArchiCAD, Rhinoceros, Grasshopper, BlueBeam and TwinMotion etc. Also, what does the future of these software packages hold? How it plays a role in design, documentation and the construction industry as well as using VR, AR and AI alongside design. Not to mention, how students/educators and professionals should embed these (essential) skill sets within their portfolio? Tune in for more details!

Michael is the ANZ Product Manager for architectural, engineering and construction software at Central Innovation. In this role is he responsible for the training and professional development of the technical and sales teams. He also manages and designs the training and content provided by Central Innovation. He is well versed in all things BIM and has a vast experience and knowledge base in a multitude of cutting edge BIM solutions. A trained architect, lecturer, manager and mentor to students, Michael is actively involved with the industry and shaping the future of Open BIM workflows in Australia.



Speaker: Michael Warr - michael.warr@centralinnovation.com

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