S02 : Ep. 01 : Design Tertiary Education – “A Student’s Point of View” with Cameron Topping & Shannen Roe – QUT

S02 : Ep. 01 : Design Tertiary Education – "A Student's Point of View" with Cameron Topping & Shannen Roe – QUT

In this episode I kick off Season 2 and the Design Thinking research process with 2 x amazing Creative Industries students of QUT – Cameron Topping and Shannen Roe. This is a unique conversation uncovering the student’s mindset detailing their own journey, experiences and answers to questions such as their career aspirations, career progression choices – how this was formed, influenced and guided, What was their transition into tertiary education like, from a secondary system – what worked well, what didn’t? How they felt about the tertiary education system aligning and preparing them for the industry and making them future-ready. Not to mention understanding the student’s point of view on how the current education system can be improved and what educators of today need to pay attention to. If you are an educator of today, this is exactly the conversation for you to tune into.

Cameron Topping
I am 24 years old and a 3rd year Architecture student at Queensland University of Technology having previously studied a Bachelor of Photography majoring in photojournalism. I am passionate about sustainable design and the future of technology in the design and construction industry. I am an executive member of the QUT BIM club, a student run initiative which aims to foster collaboration between courses which will later be working together in the construction industry.

By engaging with professionals, our aim is to help equip students with both the skills and mindset to succeed in the future.

I am a strong advocate of real-world experiences which allow students to engage with issues and challenges that allow them to see the impact of their design. This experience was fundamental in shaping my path towards Architecture. By taking this approach we can empower others and ourselves to see the value in our work.

Shannen Roe
I was born in Melbourne, but lived in Detroit, Michigan until I was ten years old. I spent my teenage years on the Sunshine Coast, developing my skills in drawings and painting. In the ninth grade, I became interested in my graphics class when we were introduced to Revit and architectural design. I studied graphics right through to year 12, not knowing yet what I wanted to pursue at university. Upon encouragement from my parents, I decided that architecture was the best avenue to advance my creativity while still being mostly guaranteed a job afterwards.

I have now been studying architecture at QUT for the past three years, with a minor in landscape architecture. I got a job in an architect firm at the end of my first year where I continue to work during university holidays. I also work at a design centre on weekends throughout the semester.

More recently I have travelled to Oxford, England on an overseas study exchange through QUT where I got to develop my skills as a designer while travelling the world. I have also just started an internship at a local and sustainable architectural firm here in Brisbane through the Work Integrated Learning (WIL) program here at QUT. I am very passionate about sustainability and living with as little waste as possible. I’d like to eventually have my own practice where I can design sustainable and affordable ‘zero-waste’ homes.