S02 : Ep. 03 : Real world design applications while studying with Alma Yulianisa

S02 : Ep. 03 : Real world design applications while studying with Alma Yulianisa

In this episode – things get interesting! While the design thinking research continues, I spoke with Alma Yulianisa who has achieved something incredible by being able to design and construct (D&C) a residential project and a villa project (in Bali Indonesia), while working in Brisbane as a student! This episode is full of useful insights into the importance of real-world applications during your early career stage as a designer but also being mindful of the pitfalls challenges and learnings. We unpack answers to questions such as how to manage your time to engage real world projects while studying/working. What are the do’s and don’t’s? Should students jump into real world projects during their studies? As well as the mindset to succeed when such opportunities present themselves. Tune-in for an insightful conversation, useful for any secondary or tertiary design student, educator or design professional.

Alma Yulianisa (24), was a transfer student from the International Program of University of Indonesia, graduated in 2018 from her Bachelor Degree in architecture from the Creative Industries at the Queensland University of Technology. Having a couple of internships done while she was at Uni, she landed a job in an architectural firm, MODE, in Brisbane. While she was just a few months in the company, she got offered to design a house for a family in Bali, Indonesia. She designed the house during her lunch time at MODE and also spent her weekends on the project, taking all responsibilities for structural, architectural, landscape, and interior drawings solo. The concept got accepted by the clients first time round. When the project was finished for construction, she got offered straight after to do another solo project which is a villa in Bali, which is being constructed as well at the moment. Alma spent her time being a waitress a part-time job in a restaurant called Deer Duck Bistro while she was studying at University. While she was busy doing her full-time job at MODE and her side projects, she also got offered to design the fitout of the bar renovation of the restaurant and took the project on board with her along with her other projects.

About Alma’s projects:

Bali House Project - finishing stage
This 10x11m2 project is located in Bali, Indonesia. The house concept was initially for it to be 2 levels. However, the requests of the client led Alma to have a special concept for this house, creating 4 levels with mezzanine style providing 3 bedrooms (2 bedroom +1 bathroom, and a master bedroom + ensuite), a music studio, a living room, kitchen, storage, a garage for 1 car and 2 motorcycles, also a garden right in the centre of the house. The façade was designed to create privacy of tenants from public from front but also keeping it open with extra windows to the side, exposing rooms to sunlight and view to the garden. Maximizing what the site provides, the kitchen has a horizontal view of paddy field at the back of the house.

Iori Villa (Iori Villas Group) - under construction
This project is also located in Bali, Indonesia, being the additional villa for Iori Villas Group, this Iori Villa is especially designed with no windows for the façade with the concept of blocking the noise and ambience of the road for the calmness in the villa. Consisting 2 bedrooms, 2 semi-outdoor bathrooms, a stunning swimming pool, living room, kitchen, a storage, and also an indoor garden with the exposure of sunlight in the middle of the living room to create natural nuance.

Deer Duck Bistro (Bar Refurbishment) - ongoing
Deer Duck Bistro is a fine dining restaurant located in Auchenflower, Brisbane, Australia. This bar renovation project is taken in a slow pace for a long term project. The bar now has a new set of bar table, after careful examinations of the staff movements while working in the bar. One small change of the bar table would change the whole working system of bar staffs, creating more room for the staffs, and also the customers.