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Inspiring Design... with Rashan Senanayake is the missing link where design and education meets. Our guests sharing their knowledge in design, design education, design thinking, teaching techniques, industry standards as well as the study of design, connects the knowledge gaps in the design industry from a secondary, tertiary and industry stand point. Rashan is an author, speaker, designer and a passionate enthusiasts of both design and education. For more information on your host, please visit

It’s the way to transform new realities, enabling new futures.

Ep. 14 : Graphic Design – The creative industry that stems throughout design with Nathan Cain – CBRE

In this episode, Nathan (Senior Graphic Designer at CBRE) and I unveil the details of the ‘Graphic Design’ industry. Exploring answers to questions such as – What is Graphic Design? How does one become a Graphic Designer? What skills do you need? What software do you need to equip your skill set? What’s the latest with Adobe CC and what does the future hold? How do you employ Design Thinking within the Design process? Does Empathy play a role? What does the future of Graphic Design look like? How does the technology change affect the future of this vastly broad industry? These are just some of the key learnings from this episode.

Ep. 13 : [Special] All things Education! with Jennifer King – Microsoft

In this special episode; Jennifer (Director of Education) and I explore all things that relate to ‘EDUCATION’. What is the future of education at a global scale? What are the education disruptors with the current 4th industrial revolution? How can we integrate a growth mindset into the classrooms through empathy and Design Thinking - coupled with the right set of 21st century skill sets? How does Microsoft (the second company to achieve 1 trillion-dollar valuation) achieve this? How does technology impact such as AI (Artificial Intelligence) impact the future job market and education – this all-encompassing conversation will mark as the cornerstone of education in 2019.

Ep. 12 : UI/UX Design – The fast growth industry based on human-centric design with Warren Prasek – Connect Develop

In this episode Warren and I dive head first into uncovering the details of one of the fastest growing, rapidly evolving and new-age design industries – UI/UX Design. What is UI/UX Design? What does it involve? Why is the design thinking approach so heavily embedded into its practice? What does the profession involve? What skills and software capabilities do you need as well as understanding its applications with the latest technological trends such as AR and AI. Speaking to Warren, I learned a lot myself about (in my opinion) one of the most valuable design professions now, and in the coming future.

Ep. 11 : Industrial Design – Straight for the Hollywood Movies sets! with Ben Donnelly – MARVEL

In this episode Ben (a design prodigy) and I begin unpacking the details of one of the most human-centric design professions – Industrial Design. What does it take to become an ‘Industrial Designer’? How is the practice followed by the best designers in the world? What is it like to work with them? How do Hollywood movies sets involve designers? What does the profession involve? What are the soft and hard skills needed? What is the impact of technology and use of VR, AR and AI evolving design? This is only the tip of the iceberg of this magnificent profession – Industrial Design!

Ep. 10 : Architecture & The Architect – What is it all about? with Natasha Prasek – PDT Architects

In this episode Natasha and I begin exploring one of the main design professions – Architecture. What does it take to become an ‘Architect’ (the registration process)? What does the profession involve? What are the soft and hard skills needed? What is the impact of technology and use of VR doing to this profession? How does BIM (Building Information Modelling) come into play? These are just some of the questions that we uncover in this episode that’s all to do with Architecture.

Ep. 9 : Facilitation – The Pathway to Student Success, Innovation & Leadership with Sharon Singh – St. John’s Anglican College

An inspiring episode! Sharon and I discuss and unpack her high-quality teaching methods of facilitation focussed on student success, innovation and leadership. Through her extensive experience from teaching around the world, we uncover details on how she successfully creates an approachable, friendly, safe, yet strict learning environment for all her students. What’s the result? Students that will become the future innovators and leaders of our society alongside a teacher that is cherished and respected by all her students.

Ep. 8 : Augmented Reality (AR) – It’s applications and how it all fits into our classroom today with Scott Millar - Bop Industries

Yet another young CEO – Scott Millar (from BOP) and I discuss the applications of Augmented Reality (AR), its current capabilities and how it fits into the current classroom in today’s education context. Not only that, we uncover the importance of nurturing 21st Century Learning skills to make way for the future innovators of the next generation. It is the way of the future and we are in the middle of a significant shift in our education system.

Ep. 7 : Education, Entrepreneurship & 21st Century Learning Skill – What Does The Future Of Australia Have In Store? with Taj Pabari - CEO of FiftySix Creations

In this episode, Taj and I discuss some very important topics aligning with Education, Entrepreneurship and 21st Century Learning skills. We explore the importance of STEM subjects, the current education system in Australia, in comparison to a global scale as well as discussing the options available for the future of the Australian education system.

Ep. 6 : VR, AR, MR, XR? What’s This All Got To Do With Design and Education? with Jessie Hughes - New Media Artist & VR Film Maker

In this episode, Jessie and I finally uncover what you need to know about Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and even Extended Reality. Alongside what to know, what to look out for, which brands, how to use this new technology and finally how this all relates to the classroom today – not to mention the future of education and design!

Ep. 5 : The Importance of Design Thinking (Human Centered Design) For 21st Century Learning Skills with Dr. Natalie Wright - QUT Lecturer

With Natalie’s extensive research and leading knowledge in design thinking, it is now (more than ever before) evident of its importance in the classroom. Especially if our education system is to adapt, evolve and align with the future of work – it is a corner stone of the future of education.

Ep. 4 : A Unique Perspective Of The Design Classroom Around Australia with Peter Murphy - DATTA Australia President

Learn about Peter Murphy's perspective of entering into the education system in Australia, following his design background in Glasgow. Peter's involvement at a national scale through DATTA Australia allowed him to witness and understand how classrooms operate and how the changes in tech and learning styles are evolving - It's the next chapter in education with the integration of 21st century skills.

Ep. 3 : Impact Of Technology In The Classroom Today & Why Facilitation Is More Important Than Ever Before! with Corey Giesken - Design HOD at Ferny Grove State High School

In this episode Corey and I discover the real impacts and how to overcome the impact of the fast evolution and change in technology, in the classroom - specially in the design classroom.

Ep. 2 : 21st Century Learning And Its Impact En Education with Russell Lidgard - 21st Century Learning HOD at Kawana Waters State College

In this episode we unlock the genius behind a forward thinking 21st Century Learning HOD with implementation techniques that are slightly unconventional, but the results are incredible!

Ep. 1 : Tertiary Design Education & Sketching Technologies with Andrew Scott - Senior Lecturer at QUT

In this inaugral episode, Andrew unveils his vast experience in tertiary level design education - the tricks, tips and how it's done with his leadership at QUT (Queensland University of Technology).