S01 : Ep. 20 : BIM – Building Information Modelling within the AEC with Sherman Powell – Urbis

EP20. BIM – Building Information Modelling within the AEC with Sherman Powell - Urbis

In this episode, Sherman Powell (National BIM Manager at Urbis) and I unpack the technical details of the ‘BIM’ or ‘Building Information Modelling’. We unveil detailed answers to questions such as – What is BIM? What are the BIM Software applications? What are the different capabilities of BIM? How does it fit within the AEC and what industries does BIM integrate itself into? Is BIM a design tool or…? What is the BIM learning curve? As well as, what does the future of BIM hold with the technology changes such as VR/AR/AI? A thoroughly informative conversation with one of the leading BIM experts on a technology that is here to stay and evolve!

Sherman is a Certified Autodesk Professional for Revit Architecture, the Founding member for BrisBIM in QLD and Collaborate ANZ. He joined Urbis in 2016 primarily to work on the Queens Wharf Brisbane project, bringing with him wealth of knowledge and expertise gained through holding National BIM Manager positions with leading companies in Brisbane.

Having used Revit since the year 2000 he has an extensive advance knowledge using Autodesk Revit software program. He has built up a bank of invaluable knowledge having used all flavours of Revit in all the major Building and construction and services disciplines. He also used Navisworks Manage to produce clash reports for 3D projects.

Sherman offered consulting services playing multiple roles implementing Autodesk Revit 3D modelling software in various major companies in Brisbane looking to migrate from other CAD software. He was involved in assisting on major Revit projects putting together standards and procedures for project teams using Revit.

He has a good understanding Revit Standards around the world and in particularly ANZRS and NATSPEC BIM Standards in Australia.