S02 : Ep. 04 : Entering the Industry – Transitioning from Tertiary Education with Angus Godwin & Alexis Harper

S02 : Ep. 04 : Entering the Industry – Transitioning from Tertiary Education with Angus Godwin & Alexis Harper

In this episode I am able to understand the student’s mindset, experience and insights into their own journey in entering the industry. We unpack insightful information, the tips and tricks, the do’s and don'ts of what to do, when looking to transition from tertiary into the practicing industry. How to overcome the various challenges and obstacles as well as sharing the learnings along the way. Is it different to male graduates vs. female graduates? What about cultural prejudice – does it exist? What does ‘networking’ really mean? What about if your personality type is an introvert – how do you ‘put yourself out there’? Does sending out mass applications work? Are there better ways to engage companies? These are just some of the useful goodies hidden in this episode! If you are a tertiary student and looking to enter the industry, this episode should not be missed! If you are an educator – these are the challenges of your students, tune into the being able to empathise and learn how to guide and develop the future leaders of tomorrow.

Angus Godwin

I completed my Master of Architecture at Queensland University of Technology in 2018 in which I focused on studies in cultural change catalysts, sustainability, heritage and urban morphology. During the past 5 years I have gained a wide range of experience working and learning at a number of award-winning architecture practices. My experience is a combination of medium and small practices. While at Ferrier Baudet Architects and PHAB Architects I have worked on the design of numerous high-end houses and renovations, and been part of teams on large, residential and commercial projects at Bureau Proberts and QAGOMA.

At Ferrier Baudet Architects, I am undertaking working towards architectural registration. I am involved in a range of projects including the house renovations, student accommodation and education buildings. My responsibilities have progressed from design and documentation to full project delivery and contract administration.

Architecture is a way of making a contribution to our world from my experience and observations. I consider my personal interests in photography, woodwork, craft beer brewing, mountain biking and gardening to be formative in my architectural practice and learning. These hobbies translate into a careful experimentation within architecture and outside of it.

Alexis Harper

I’m a QUT alumni with a Master of Architecture and a Bachelor of Design (Architectural Studies). During my academic studies, I was employed by  Giarola Architects and was able to apply my studies on several education and commercial projects.

In 2019 I secured a role at Ferrier Baudet Architects whom have a strong presence in residential and educational architecture. I have recently been seconded to Phillips Smith Conwell to support on several projects in corrections.  I love to hand draw and use water colours. I’ve recently connected back with my sketching skills after completing my master’s degree and have joined several urban sketcher groups in Brisbane.  A newfound interest of mine is gardening. I currently have 73 indoor plants that are thriving! It’s amazing to come home to a living environment.  I hope to see this green thumb of mine  continue further into my profession.