S01 : Ep. 10 : Architecture & The Architect – What is it all about? with Natasha Prasek – PDT Architects

Architecture & The Architect – What is it all about? with Natasha Prasek – PDT Architects

In this episode Natasha and I begin exploring one of the main design professions – Architecture. What does it take to become an ‘Architect’ (the registration process)? What does the profession involve? What are the soft and hard skills needed? What is the impact of technology and use of VR doing to this profession? How does BIM (Building Information Modelling) come into play? These are just some of the questions that we uncover in this episode that’s all to do with Architecture.

Natasha Prasek is an Associate at PDT Architects and a Senior Project Architect specialising in retail, urban renewal and sustainability. Project-wise, she has high level experience in seniors living and multi-residential, as well as industry experience across education, aged care, health, commercial and other residential typologies.

For over 20 years, Natasha has worked as a design and development architect on many high-profile retail and leisure projects in both Australia and the UK. As Head of Retail at PDT, she is armed with knowledge of both the developer-led and retail delivery aspects of mixed-use schemes and has a proven track record in successfully integrating stakeholders' requirements and producing exemplar results.

In the UK at Engle, Natasha was involved in the design and construction of the £100m Eagles Meadow town centre development in Wrexham as well as developing a £150m mixed-use scheme for Northwich.

At PDT she has completed major extensions and renovations on several regional shopping centres for Stockland and worked on the Westfield portfolio. She has also worked on other mixed-use developments including Centro on James and Emporium in Brisbane and town centre regeneration projects in the UK.

Currently she is overseeing the staged development and delivery of a vertical retirement living project in Brisbane after completing a similar resort style seniors living offer at Oceanside, Kawana in 2018.