S01 : Ep. 04 : A Unique Perspective Of The Design Classroom Around Australia with Peter Murphy – DATTA Australia President

The Importance of Design Thinking (Human Centered Design) For 21st Century Learning Skills with Dr. Natalie Wright - QUT Lecturer

A Unique perspective of the Design Classroom and how it affected around Australia

Learn about Peter Murphy's perspective of entering into the education system in Australia, following his design background in Glasgow. Peter's involvement at a national scale through DATTA Australia allowed him to witness and understand how classrooms operate and how the changes in tech and learning styles are evolving - It's the next chapter in education with the integration of 21st century skills.

Peter Murphy is President of DATTA Australia, a member of the DATTA Victoria committee and STEM Leading Teacher at Northcote High School in Melbourne. He is a member of the Victorian Tech Schools Advisory Panel and has published teacher support materials. Peter trained as an industrial designer in his home city of Glasgow, then relocated to Melbourne in 2009, where he studied Secondary Teacher Education. Throughout his career, Peter has been a passionate advocate for the Design & Technologies learning area and has developed a number of initiatives designed to engage with students, colleagues, school leaders, tertiary education, government and the wider community – all with the aim of shouting loud about the progressive, challenging and relevant nature of the Design and Technologies curriculum area. Peter created So You Think You Can Design, a student design competition, and Design & Technologies Week. Both have grown to become popular Australia-wide events.